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Cultivating Your Strongest Self Retreat

This experiential 5-day process enables participants to strengthen their adaptive and resilient capabilities. Central to this process is the application of neuroscience processes. This process is designed to enable one to visit and directly address the past neurological shaping of our brain and nervous system which determines how we have come to think, feel, sense and live. Each participant will focus on dealing with current stressors and “join the dots” to uncover and discover memories and past experiences in order to work towards resolution. 

The goal of this process is to enable each participant to develop the foundation of a secure, nurturing and empowered self which has the potential to grow and function in the midst of adversity. A combination of proven “power tools” and vehicles will be utilised that include music, neurosensory techniques, physiological release methods, movement, inner child work, visioning work, bilateral processing, mindful practice, voice work and journaling.