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Held at Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort ( in Johor Bahru, this is a self-awareness and transformational 7- day retreat for individuals who seek to deal with current concerns, dilemmas or transitions in their lives. The retreat experience is designed to enable participants to better understand themselves in a holistic manner. As a result they will be able to work through the negative impact of past and present negative influences, hurt and trauma.

During the intensive 7-day residential retreat, each participant will be led through a carefully structured sequence of experiences that will deepen and expand knowledge of how growth and change happen. Each will be assisted to utilise effective and proven tools and vehicles to enable them to experience healing and change. A significant focus of the 7-day process will be on family of origin experiences and subconscious life memories which have shaped who the individual is today.

Central in this experience is an integrated neuroscience approach which weaves neurobiological, spiritual/intuitional, bodily, emotional and mental processes within each person. A combination of empowering therapeutic tools and vehicles will be utilized that include: neurosensory processing, music, art, movement, inner child work, guided visualizations, bilateral processing, mindfulness processing, physiological release methods, voice work and journaling.

Each participant will discover and uncover selected experiences of embedded difficult memories, trauma, grief and loss, attachment experiences, past and present disturbances which need relief and resolution. The participant will move from discovering and experiencing current and past disturbances to experiencing release,  a fuller understanding, and finally to a healing transformation and integration toward mature self-potential. The goal of this wholistic process is to enable each participant to develop the foundation of a secure, nurturing and resilient self which has the potential to grow and function in the midst of stress and adversity. Individuals will be equipped with neurosensory tools and techniques to enable them to cope and draw strength when faced with challenges and stress in their lives.

Whilst conducted in a group, it is a private and confidential individual journey of healing that is enhanced and supported by others in the group going through their own private experiences. This retreat will be experienced in a safe and supportive environment.

You will be led to discover and develop resources in the following areas:

  • To begin a pivotal resolution of disturbances; faced and worked through.
  • Mindful development of mature self-potential by breaking vicious cycles of negative patterns and behaviours.
  • Cultivating compassion and acceptance for yourself and others, and being a growing catalyst to change your dynamics with others.
  • Adaptive and growth mindset to life and challenges.