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Australthrives on a curious ethos, embracing human behavior through science, kindness, and compassion. Each session cherishes individuality and integrates evidence-based techniques. Recognizing the mind-body connection and sensory impact, Austral guides individuals towards resilience, self-discovery, and fulfillment. With a commitment to lasting change, well-being, and spiritual empowerment, Austral cultivates curiosity on personal journeys. She offers support for stress, anxiety, burnout, trauma, PTSD, depression, life transitions, loneliness, cultural adaptations, grief, and substance use challenges.

M Sc (Professional Counseling)


Austral Chang is a psychotherapist with a M Sc (Professional Counseling) from Swinburne University of Technology. With a diverse educational background and two decades of extensive professional experience, Austral is a lifelong learner, fluent in English and Malay, enriched by cross-cultural exploration.

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